A.N.S.I. No. 100 Chain - Type A Sprockets - Bored and Drilled For Assembly With Ready Hubs

Catalog # 100AR12(H)

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Hub Number Pitch Diameter Sprocket Bore Hub Bore: Round Hub Bore: Square Hub Bore: Hex Hub Bore: Spline
R17 4.830 2.250" .5-1.75 .75 .875 .937 1 1.125 1.25  .875, 1 1-6B 1-10B 1 1/4-6B 1 3/8-6B 1 3/8-10B 

Ready Sprockets are an assortment of sprockets and hubs drilled and tapped for simple, convenient assembly with standard hex head cap screws. For No. 35 through No. 100 Chain, with stock finished bore hubs to accommodate shaft sizes through 2-3/4" diameter, plus a variety of square, hex, spline, and tapered key bores.