Linn Gear has developed many manufacturing processes over the years which have made us an industry leader.  From processing of raw materials to the subtle finishing touches, each one of our special processes has developed through decades of manufacturing experience and daily refinement of each task at hand.

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Linn Gear’s product fabrication skills are simply superb. High quality combined with unmatched speed and flexibility. Customers are amazed and the competition is jealous.
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Some of our customers would call us the turning experts. We think of ourselves as a seasoned group of machinists that have the know-how to get the job done.
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Gear Cutting

Who else but Linn Gear has such a wide range of product and ability under one roof? From massive gears and sprockets up to 8’ in diameter, to 60” diameter bevel gears and all the way down to small, delicate 32 DP gears. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with greater diversity under one roof.
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Sprocket cutting

Our extensive array of machinery, tooling and expertise allow us to cut virtually any sprocket on the market. Go ahead, try and stump us. We dare you.
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Our milling capability ranges from basics like simple bolt patterns to highly complex, precise 3-D shapes like gear and sprocket teeth and other machinery components.
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Heat Treat

We can heat treat just about any product we make, in house, at a high quality level in our induction heat treat shop. When needed we partner with local companies to do specialty heat treating processes.
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Walk through a tour of Linn Gears’ process and see how it’s all done.

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