Production / Development

Production / Development

After an order is placed with our company, it is reviewed and planned by a team of individuals with combined Linn Gear Co. experience of over 175 years. Work instructions and detailed CAD drawings are produced to aid manufacturing personnel in producing high quality products.


Our plant includes over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to storage of finished and semi- finished goods available for immediate shipment, or customization in our machine shop. Our inventory includes over 10,000 standard line items with an average of over 250,000 total parts in stock at any time.

Sample Identification

product sample
We work with customers daily to identify sprockets and gears that are worn out, broken, or of unknown specifications for some other reason. Our staff uses their extensive knowledge of the geometry and manufacture of these parts, along with sophisticated measuring and calculation methods, to identify the specifications of items for re-manufacturing. This allows owners of such parts to obtain replacement parts where they might have had to replace entire gear boxes, mechanical systems, or even entire machine tools.


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Sprocket Cutting

Gear Cutting