Combined Effect

The Linn Gear Combined Effect

What is the combined effect you ask?

It is a term we use here to explain what makes us so effective at what we do.

  • Linn Gear as just a building is a tremendously diverse machine shop. From the wide range of machine tools to the diversity of gear cutting equipment, you would be hard pressed to find a more complete Machine shop.
  • Our stock room has one of the largest compliments of product in the market. Product ready for you when you call.
  • The large amount of raw materials in stock allows us to respond to customer demand quickly. This gives us a head start when creating Made To Order products and price breaks that are passed along to our customers.
  • What would a business be without a full staff of knowledgeable and hard working employees? One of the true values in purchasing a part from Linn Gear is that you purchase our knowledge as well as the product you are looking for.

Combine all these things under one roof at the same location and you get a winning combination, or as we like to call it the Combined Effect.