Our plant includes substantial warehouse space dedicated to storage of finished and semi- finished goods available for immediate shipment, or customization in our machine shop. Our inventory line includes thousands of line items, with hundreds of thousands of parts in stock at any time.

Sample Identification

We work with customers daily to identify sprockets and gears that are worn out, broken, or of unknown specifications for some other reason. Our staff uses their extensive knowledge of the geometry and manufacture of these parts, along with sophisticated measuring and calculation methods, to identify the specifications of items for re-manufacturing. This allows owners of such parts to obtain replacement parts where they might have had to replace entire gear boxes, mechanical systems, or even entire machine tools.

Development & Management

After an order is placed with our company, it is reviewed and planned by a team of individuals with combined Linn Gear Co. experience of over 175 years. Work instructions and detailed CAD drawings are produced to aid manufacturing personnel in producing high quality products.

Fabrication Overview

Our staff of skilled operators employ sophisticated welding processes in the fabrication of gear, sprocket, pulley and sheave blanks. Fabrication is carried out for product configurations ranging in size from 2” to 100” diameter. Using both common and unique processes a wide variety of configurations can be produced for original designs or as economical replacements for castings.


From simple weld jobs to advanced fabricated parts, Linn Gear can provide you with a welded product that will  fill  your needs.

Burning & Sawing

Plate burning capabilities include electronic and full CNC torches for burning diameters to 100” up to 6” thickness. CAD/CAM programming of the CNC system allows burning of odd shapes or sprocket profiles, which can be milled for tolerance or finish requirements. Bar stock up to 23” diameter can be sawed on site.


Our turning equipment is modern and our capabilities comprehensive across our product line. All turning requirements are handled in-house for maximum control of quality and delivery.

Our CNC machine tools utilize state-of-the-art programming systems providing versatility, efficiency and accuracy.

Milling & Drilling

Substantial milling equipment is available here for meeting special machining needs of our customers. We have modern CNC and mechanical mills with extensive capabilities ranging to a milling envelope of 13 ½” X 24” X 10 feet. We have our shop set up for both quick turn-around, short run jobs, as well as medium quantity production orders. Extensive drilling & tapping machinery is available as well for production runs of bolt hole circles for Ready Sprockets and common taper bushed shaft attachment systems.

Gear Cutting

Our gear cutting capabilities are very diverse, including all of the most common gear types used in industry. We carry a large inventory of Diametral Pitch – Spur, Miter, Bevel, Change, Helical and Rack gears in stock. We have machines for hobbing, shaping, generating, grinding and other finishing at our plant. Our inventory of gear cutting tools is extensive, covering a broad range of common and uncommon Diametral (both Normal and Transverse), Circular, AGMA & Fellows Stub and Metric Pitches. Some specific capabilities are shown below. Please inquire for additional details.


In addition to our gear tooth grinding abilities we also have substantial experience and ability with grinding other surfaces such as precision ID/OD grinding on our Studer Grinder as well as surface grinding and honing. The Studer provides unparalleled accuracy on diameter, straightness, roundness, concentricity and surface finish.

Sprocket Cutting

Hobbs Machine Works began manufacturing custom sprockets in the mid-1940’s and produced its first catalog of stock sprockets in 1950. That tradition expanded substantially when the Hobbs Machine Works became Linn Gear Co. in 1954. Since that time the firm has continued to expand its capabilities and knowledge base. Today the company is among the most experienced and capable sprocket manufacturers in the world. Virtually every employee at Linn Gear is involved with sprocket manufacturing, representing a vast level of experience in producing the best sprockets available anywhere

Heat Treating

We have extensive induction heat treating equipment and experience, and can provide excellent value by hardening the teeth of steel sprockets or gears. Other hardening services, such as carburizing can be provided through cooperation with outside sources.

Reboring & Broaching

Final preparations of products for shaft mounting are made here. CNC and mechanical lathes provide straight and tapered OD and ID turning. Keyway and spline broaching, keyway milling, and set screw drilling capabilities are extensive as well. Please inquire for specific requirements.

Deburring & Finishing

Removal of machining burrs and edges, marking of part numbers (both standard and customer specified), sandblasting, cleaning and coating of parts for rust inhibition, and various other mid-process and final finishing operations are carried out in this department.

Inspection Overview

Our products are inspected continuously throughout the manufacturing process by our machine operators.

Experienced inspectors make a final inspection before products are shipped or put into inventory. Our final inspectors have a combined experience of over 60 years with Linn Gear Co. and a thorough knowledge of our products and manufacturing processes.