A.N.S.I. No. 120 Chain - Type B and C Sprockets - TAPER-LOCK® Bushed Sprockets - 1 1/2" Pitch

Catalog # 120TLC54

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Hub Type Bushing Size Pitch Diameter Bushing Bore Minimum Bushing Bore Maximum Length Through Bore Sprocket Weight
C 3535 25.798 1.187" 3.500" 3.500" 138.00lbs

(H) Indicates sizes available with or without hardened teeth. All other sizes available with hardened teeth as an alteration if desired.

Offset hubs on type C Sprockets - 2 1/16 x 1 7/16 on 3535 bushings from sprocket centerline to hub face. Large end of taper is on the side with shortest hub projection.