1240 Series Chain - 4.063" Chain Pitch - 1 3/4" Barrel Diameter - 1 3/4" Sprocket Face Width
Flame Cut Teeth - Type C Hub Both Sides - Mandrel Bore

Catalog # 1240C14

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Pitch Diameter Maximum Bore Stock Bore Hub Diameter Length Through Bore Sprocket Weight
18.259 4.750" 2.187" 7.00" 5.120" 163.00lbs

Type C Steel Sprockets for No. 1240 Mill Chain

4.063″ Chain Pitch – 1 3/4″ Barrel Diameter – 1 3/4″ Sprocket Face Width

Stock bores are nominal and must be re-bored even though bore desired is

same size as listed stock bore.

Listed maximum bore is with set screw at angle to keyway.

Stock sprockets above may also be used with the following chains or others having the same pitch, barrel diameter and width,

however all may not clear standard hub on 6 and 7 tooth sprockets due to variations in side bars.

Chain Belt – Champion No. 4, 1240DW, 1244, A1245, X1245, RX1245, R1248

Jeffery – 4DD, 124RS, 124RCS, SS124, SS2124+, SS124D, SS124P, IS1242, IS1245, J1245A,1645AB, IS4014, IS4106, IS4110

Link Belt – AP114 Redhead, AP14 Super Hyper, SS123, SS123+, SS124, SS124+, SS124-2-Bar Hyper, SS124-3-Bar Hyper, XXS1240,

LXS1241M, LXS1242, LXS1242M, LXS1245, LXS1245M, XXS1245

Moline – MXS124, 1240RX, 1240RXX, MXS1242, MXS1245

Union – 1240R, 1240RX, 1240SX, US1242, US1245, 1245SX

Webster – S557, S557+

Sprockets of other face widths or tooth numbers as well as those for practically any other chain are readily

available and all can be furnished with hardened teeth. Please inquire for information and delivery.

Split Mill Chain Sprocket info (PDF)