Double Roller Chain Flexible Shaft Couplings - Hardened Steel - TAPER-LOCK® Bushed Couplings

Catalog # CC50-18TL

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Bushing Number Bore Range S HD HL OL OD Appx. Wt. Complete
1610 12-1 58 .370" 2.97" 1.000" 2.370" 4.180" 4.90lbs

Chain Couplings and Covers: Finished bore, Stock bore, and Taper Lock® bushed chain couplings through 5" bore in a wide variety of sizes from - No. 40 through No. 120 chain. All components required for a complete coupling are stocked, including chains and covers.

TAPER-LOCK® Coupling Sprockets are made with large end of bore on both Face Side and Hub Side to allow for assembly from either side. Type H has large end on Hub Side and Type F has large end on Face Side. They will be furnished half Type H and half Type F unless specified otherwise. Add Letter F or H to Coupling No. to indicate type desired.

View the table of standard TAPER-LOCK® bushing bores here: Std Inch TL Bushing Bores - Std Metric TL Bushing Bores