Catalog # S600

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Minimum Size Sprocket
Maximum Bore Hub Diameter Length 35 41 40 50 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 240 Sprocket Weight
3.250" 6.00" 3.250" 36.000" 31.000" 24.000" 20.000" 17.000" 16.000" 14.000" 13.000" 12.000" 11.000" 24.00lbs

Split hubs are round and fully machined. They do not have dangerous projecting bolts or ears. They are drilled and tapped for high strength socket head cap screws and are welded to each side of a Type A sprocket, forming a unit similar in appearance to a Type C sprocket. Fully split sprockets cost more to produce than solid, but may provide significant cost savings by simplifying installation and removal.

Hub size selected should be proportionate to the pitch and diameter of the sprocket as well as adequate for the bore required. Very large or heavy pitch sprockets may be tack welded near the rim after installing on the shaft for extra strength if desired, or we can install steel straps at an additional charge.

Add listed hub length/weight to Type A sprocket for total length/weight of assembled sprocket.

If standard sizes do not meet requirements, please inquire. Special sprockets can be made to accommodate larger bores, smaller sizes than shown, multiple strand sprockets or for chains other than those listed.