1 1/2" Pitch - Hinge Top Conveyor Chain Sprockets - Steel - 1 5/8" Face Width

Catalog # S815A19

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Pitch Diameter Maximum Bore Stock Bore Length Through Bore Sprocket Weight
4.620 2.250" .750" 1.620" 6.80lbs

Steel Hinge Top Conveyor Chain Sprockets with or without shroud plates in a range of tooth sizes.

1 5/8" Through Bore - No Hub Projection - Mandrel Bore - For S-815 And Other Flat Top Conveyor Chain Of Same Specifications

Sprockets with 19, 21, 23 and 25 teeth stocked with and without center groove. Add suffix ‘G’ to part number.

Effective number of teeth is one half of listed number so chain contacts alternate teeth each revolution. For this reason, odd numbers of teeth are listed and recommended, although other sizes can be supplied if required. For smooth operation, sprockets of 19teeth or more are recommended.

Standard sprockets are made from C1040 steel and are completely machined to provide the finest quality available. Sprockets of stainless steel, bronze or other materials can be made to order.