ANSI 2062 (Double Pitch - Large Roll) - Type A No Hub - Mandrel Bore Sprockets .459" Nominal Face Width - 1 1/2" Pitch (.875 Roll)

Catalog # 2062A20

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Pitch Diameter Stock Bore Sprocket Weight
9.589 1.000" 8.80lbs

Type A plate sprockets are a basic foundation block of sprockets, and may be altered in many ways for
use in a very broad array of equipment. Please inquire for pricing of alteration or custom manufacturing services such as:

Re-boring and/or counter-boring

Hole patterns: drilling, countersinking, spot facing, tapping

Splitting (with or without hubs)

Manufacture for Type B, C, Q.D., Taper-Lock, Double-Single, et. al.

Special milling for application assembly, debris removal, etc.